About the Mamas


is an older, established performer on the Theater Owners Booking Association circuit. She has abandoned tonight’s performance at a T.O.B.A. house to return to the small club where she got her start. She is a blues performer in the Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Gladys Bentley, Mamie Smith tradition. She has decided this is her final night of performing.


She’s a young, timid, uncertain beginner just starting her career and learning her way. In fact, this is her first big-time performance! And in this one night, we see her grow into a true professional, commanding the stage with the best of them. She is a big band performer in the tradition of Ella Fitzgerald and Connee Boswell.


sings, dances, plays instruments and gets down and dirty with the audience. She is a speakeasy performer in the tradition of Texas Guinan.  She is at a mid-point in her career, controls her own show and club, but is also dependent on the mob and Prohibition for her business. So tonight, she and her career are definitely at a crossroad.


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